Matt Atkinson Podcast

Matt is an experienced digital leader and innovator, skilled in strategic business design and digital tech.

In his role as a digital transformation specialist he works with businesses to understand what’s holding them back and to identify suitable solutions. He has cross-sector experience and has helped countless start-ups, SME’s and corporates to innovate and realise their ambitions.

Matt has been an engineer, systems specialist, project manager, team manager, process improvement consultant, change manager, sales director and digital strategist. As a result, he has a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement and exploit digital technologies to deliver extraordinary results.

Not only that but…

  • He’s always smiling. ‘Positive’ is his middle name. (actually, it’s Steven, but…)
  • He can translate ‘Geek’ into plain language.
  • He has a passion for studying complex problems and finding practical solutions.  He proclaims that he can find a solution to ANY problem.