Britta Dikke Podcast

Britta’s Biography:

I have been a hair and make up artist for 25 years.
Starting off after moving to London 27 years ago from Germany.
I have a degree and Graphic and Communication Design but decided I didn’t want to pursue that career path.

My career started mainly in editorial work for the FACE, ID and Dazed and Confused.
Then moved into the music industry and commercials.
I worked several times at London Fashion Week.

I also worked at Cannes and Venice film festivals several times working with the likes of Matt Damon and Heath Ledger.
As well as several directors and actors and actresses.

I now have been working for over 17 years in the more commercial, fashion side of things.
Mainly magazines, beauty and an array of brands.
This work took me all over the world.

This makes me very experienced in studio set shoots but even more on outside locations such as Capetown, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and the Caribbean.

During the 20202 Covid-19 Lockdown in London I started a new venture with my VIRTUAL make up lessons within days of the LOCKDOWN announcement. My lessons are a new concept where I teach the client how to do her own make up herself over video call. This is with her pre existing products and tools.I advise ob skincare and products and compose a list of products after the lesson specifically for the clients needs or interests.
This works globally and all you need is a phone or laptops mirror your make up bag and brushes.
I have worked with lots of women all over the world during these crazy times and hope to bring some spark into your home and a renewed interest in make up, your appearance and your confidence.
As I am a mature woman myself I take specific interest in women who feel like they lost their “MOJO” or a stuck in a rut of doing their make up the same way since they were in their 20s.
My lessons are for women who don’t want to sit I a department store and get their make up done or watch endless YOUTUBE tutorials.
My lessons are a very personal, bespoke service.
After the lockdown I will offer lessons for groups of ladies and workshops.
Any collaborations welcome.

My motto is :
Being a make up artist is not just about applying make up a big part is to make your model/ artist feel special, confident and their best.
The other part is to be a team player in the film or photographic team.
After all these years I still love my job even with all the changes the photography and fashion industry has been going through.

Tim Hipperson Podcast

Tim is an award winning digital business leader with specialist knowledge in the Data and TMT sectors. Tim has held numerous CEO and leadership positions and in a number of FTSE 100 companies including WPP, O2 and BT. He has a proven track record of managing business transformation, strategy reviews, mergers, acquisitions, sale and significant business growth.  Tim has held roles on the WPP Digital Council, Facebook UK Advisory committee and the IPA futures group and has been awarded the highly coveted Lord Mayors Dragon award by the city of London corporation

Matt Atkinson Podcast

Matt is an experienced digital leader and innovator, skilled in strategic business design and digital tech.

In his role as a digital transformation specialist he works with businesses to understand what’s holding them back and to identify suitable solutions. He has cross-sector experience and has helped countless start-ups, SME’s and corporates to innovate and realise their ambitions.

Matt has been an engineer, systems specialist, project manager, team manager, process improvement consultant, change manager, sales director and digital strategist. As a result, he has a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement and exploit digital technologies to deliver extraordinary results.

Not only that but…

  • He’s always smiling. ‘Positive’ is his middle name. (actually, it’s Steven, but…)
  • He can translate ‘Geek’ into plain language.
  • He has a passion for studying complex problems and finding practical solutions.  He proclaims that he can find a solution to ANY problem.